Joachim B. Schmidt

Kalmann / Kalmann



Kalmann Óðinsson is the self-appointed sheriff of a crumbling village at the northernmost tip of Iceland. People say the wheels in his head sometimes spin backwards, but he has his own ideas. Day after day, he travels the surrounding plains hunting arctic foxes. In the sea, he baits sharks, ferments the shark meat, and makes the second-best delicacy, hakarl, on the island. One freezing day, he discovers a fresh pool of blood in the snow. Has there been a murder? Kalmann is determined to uncover the truth at any cost – wearing a cowboy hat, a sheriff’s badge, and an old Mauser rifle. And thanks to his native wisdom and pure-hearted courage, he can turn all the evil around. You won’t forget this Icelandic Fargo!

Published by Prostor, 2023




© Eva Schram

Joachim B. Schmidt (*1981) grew up as the son of a farmer in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. During his travels in Iceland, he fell in love with the country so much that he settled permanently in Reykjavik in 2007, started a family, and acquired Icelandic citizenship. His books are often set in the rugged Icelandic landscape. As well as writing fiction, the award-winning crime writer runs a travel blog and works as a journalist and guide on the volcanic island.


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