Eva Vežnavec

Па што ідзеш, воўча? / What Is It You Seek, Wolf?


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The novel´s main narrator is a folk healer who, throughout her life, has been recording events happening in her native village and its surroundings in a private diary. Her granddaughter, a middle-aged woman with an alcohol problem, returns from abroad for her grandmother’s funeral; she finds the diary revealing numerous details about her family’s life over the last hundred years. The novel is written in an unmistakable vernacular combining the best of Belarusian literature – the gritty authenticity of Svetlana Alexievich and the philosophical depth of Vasil Bykav – with black humour and magical realism in the style of Gabriel García Márquez.

Published by Pavel Mervart, 2023



Eva Vežnavec (her real name is Svyatlana Kurs, * 1972) is a Belarusian novelist and journalist. After her politically motivated dismissal from the state radio, she held a number of jobs in several European countries and the USA. When she returned to Belarus, she worked with independent media. She now lives in Warsaw, Poland. Vežnavec began writing the novel What Is It You Seek, Wolf? (2020)  during her fellowship in Los Angeles; in 2021, it won the Jerzy Giedroyc Award as Belarus’s best book of the year.


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