Peter Balko

Østrov / Østrov



Østrov is a gripping novel about writing and the power of imagination. What do the mysterious deaths of writers, a typewriter graveyard, stolen manuscripts, and the mysterious symbol Ø have in common? Tichomir Baza is searching for his father – the writer has disappeared, and the trail leads from the mysterious Cera Highlands through Bratislava to a place from which no one returns – Østrov…

Published by KK Bagala, 2019




© Ondřej Kocar

Peter Balko (* 1988) is a Slovak novelist and screenwriter. He debuted with the novel Once in Lošonc (Tenkrát v Lošonci) (2018), which won the 2015 Anasoft Litera Readers’ Choice Award. As a screenwriter, he contributed to the television miniseries My Uprising (Moje povstanie) (2014) and the films The Candidate (Kandidát) (2013) and Border Crossing (Čiara )(2017); the latter became one of the most popular films in the history of Slovak cinema. The novel Østrov was also published in Czech translation in 2022.