Vodácký oddíl Argo – klubovna

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Vodácký oddíl Argo – klubovna

The ARGO Association was founded in 1993, but its flagship club, the Argonauts (for children aged 10 to 15), was set up in 1977. The club follows the Scout tradition, but its focus is mainly on boating, and so it has adopted some elements of sailors´ slang and customs. This is evident mainly in the names of the group´s activities, and also in its sailing songs and partly in their costumes. The group´s philosophy is inspired by Greek mythology and is aimed at children´s physical and mental enhancement. It is based on the ancient Greek ideal of kalokagathia, emphasizing the balanced development of body and spirit.


U Ledáren  3, tram and bus station Přístaviště


Capacity: 30
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: yes

©Barbora Mráčková


will be reading from Hiking to Hell by Are Kalvø (transl. Daniela Mrázová / Host 2020)

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