TJ Tatran

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / TJ Tatran

TJ Tatran Praha is a sports club with about 150 members and 52 boats. There are two active clubs: a yachting club, whose members mainly go in for sailing, and a motor boat club, which follows the tradition of the Czech Cruising Boat Club, founded in the Podolí harbour in 1930. Both clubs are dedicated to water tourism, and their members actively participate in races organized by the Czech Motor Boat Federation. Since the establishment of the Czech Cruising Boat Club, they have only had a floating clubhouse in the harbour, built on the hull of a 50 metres long German invasion boat from the Second World War.


Podolský přístav 5, stanice Podolská vodárna


Capacity: 25
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: no



will be reading from Blinded by the Lights by Jakub Żulczyk (transl. Michael Alexa a Jan Faber / Protimluv 2020)

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