TJ Kotva Braník

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / TJ Kotva Braník

The shipyard was founded in 1926 on the shore of a lagoon. It was moved to its present location due to the raising of the river banks for better flood protection. However, even before the move was completed in 1940, high water and ice damaged the existing shipyard. The present building was constructed in the 1970s and was partly damaged by “high water”, too. In 2002, the water level was about 2 m above the Literature Night reading venue. Currently, the Braník sports club has almost 700 members and includes the following sections: hiking, paddling, water slalom, canoe polo, paddleboards, dragon boats, and water skiing.


TJ Kotva, U Ledáren 1, tram and bus stop Pobřežní cesta


Capacity: 40
WC: no
Barrier-free access: no

©Viktor Kronbauer


will be reading from The Milkman by Anna Burns (transl. Ester Žantovská / Argo 2020)

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