Kavárna Cheecup

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Kavárna Cheecup

This café and patisserie in Podolí specialises in homemade cheesecakes and cupcakes, which are prepared according to traditional American recipes. In addition to delicious desserts, visitors can enjoy fresh pastries or a light savoury menu on a daily basis. While enjoying great coffee, the view of the majestic historic Podolí Waterworks building and the peaceful Nedvěd Square will impress every visitor.


Nedvědovo nám. 14, bus and tram stop Podolská vodárna


Capacity: 30
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: yes



will be reading from The Hummingbird by Sandro Veronesi (transl. Alice Flemrová / Odeon 2021)

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