I. plavecký klub otužilců

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / I. plavecký klub otužilců

It is the largest and oldest hardeners´ club in the Czech Republic, which is dedicated to fitness hardening and winter swimming. Its members can train in the Vltava River year-round, and they may participate in Czech Winter Swimming Championship competitions as well as Open Water competitions of the Czech Cup in long distance swimming. The club organizes official winter swimming competitions: besides the Braník Ice Swim, the oldest and best-known winter swimming competition is the Alfred Nikodém Memorial, which is held annually in the Vltava River, in front of the National Theatre, on Boxing Day.


U Kempinku 2, tram stop Nádraží Braník


Capacity: 30
WC: no
Barrier-free access: yes, only the first 3 readings

©Archiv K. Frejové


will be reading from They by Helle Helle (transl. Helena Březinová / Paseka 2021)

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