The author grew up on a farm below the mountains, right in the middle of the postcard-perfect landscape of northwestern Norway. Yet he was never drawn to the outdoors. One day he realised that all his friends had at least one photo of mountains on their social media. Out of curiosity, he set out to find out what drives people to give up urban fun in their free time, invest outrageous amounts of money in hiking gear, trudge for eight hours in the rain and fog, and spend their evenings in smelly functional underwear in the company of equally smelly nature lovers. A satire poking fun at the Norwegian stereotype of the uniqueness of being outdoors, the book will provide amusement and insight for all café idlers and mountain hikers alike.

Published by Host, 2020


Daniela Mrázová



Are Kalvo (* 1969) is one of Norway’s leading comedians and satire makers. He’s been doing stand-up for over twenty five years. He has also made musicals, revues, an opera, and eleven books about different themes, such as religion, politics, football, or leisure time activities. This has earned him a large audience, lots of praise, many prizes, and also a bit of scolding. He often writes about things he doesn’t know much about. This is the first time he writes about something he doesn’t understand at all.


Video  by Eduard Bainar

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